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If you’re looking for a locally-owned, locally-operated CPA who understands your desire for outstanding Douglasville Tax Preparation Service, call or contact Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C.!

“Decisions about our money and taxes can be agonizing, yet we have found over the past 30 years of allowing Dennis and Andrew to handle our taxes and provide us financial guidance has built within us strong confidence in their abilities and confirmed our 30-year instinct. We could not have done better anywhere in the world. Hats off to an outstandingly efficient organization. My wife and I love them.”

~ Tom Butler, Satisfied Tax Preparation Service Client

Nobody Else Takes the Stress Out of Taxes Quite Like Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C.

It happens every year. And every year, we taxpayers say we won’t do the same thing next year. But the years keep coming, and we keep approaching our Tax Planning and Tax Preparation the same way with a mixture of procrastination and panic. Why don’t we ever take the opportunity to change our poor, inefficient, ineffective tax prep methods? We wait too long, and wind up pulling the rip cord on a tax return that is filled with missed opportunities. Why do we continue to make our individual and business tax preparation services a poor experience? But there is good news! The Douglasville Tax Preparation Service of Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. is here for you! The sooner you call Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C., the sooner you can arrive at better results from your tax preparation service, and use that extra money to grow your business, or take a vacation, or whatever else you’ve been wanting! Don’t delay! Call the best Douglasville Tax Preparation Service you can get. Call Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C.

What Makes Connally, Jordan & Associates Your Top Douglasville Tax Preparation Service?

The professionals from Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. have been offering Douglasville’s best Tax Preparation Services for over 50 years! In Douglasville, a Tax & Accounting company simply won’t stay in business long if they don’t offer outstanding CPA services, as well as outstanding customer service. An average Tax Preparation Service might expect you to do all the heavy lifting. But that’s not the way Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. operates! For instance, if you’re tired of always having to read up on new tax laws and figuring out ways to save money our P.C. CPA program here at Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. constantly monitors tax laws for changes and can outline ways to help you save on taxes. In addition, we offer bookkeeping services, payroll reporting, and financial advisory services for your convenience. While we can all agree that you’re probably never going to love paying income tax or small business taxes to the government, it doesn’t mean that tax preparation has to be an awful experience! When you choose Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. as your Tax Preparation Service, planning for taxes can save you money, increase your return, and ease the stress of tax season.

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  • 50 Years of Experience
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