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Sometimes the greatest risks we take with our financial security is the risk of doing nothing at all! At Connally, Jordan & Associates, we help you prepare for Risk Management in Douglasville and West GA.

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For over 50 years, Douglasville Residents and Business Owners have known us as your highest-rated local tax experts. As times change, and the need of our customers continues to increase, your friends from Connally, Jordan & Associates has put the time and effort into becoming experts in whatever arena that you, our most valuable clients, have indicated you need expert help and advice in. That’s one of the biggest reasons that your top choice for personal taxes and business financial services is now your top choice for long-term financial planning issues, including Risk Management Services.

The Four Primary Methods of Dealing with Risk Management in Douglasville & West Georgia

It is no secret the world is more complex than it has ever been and most of us can probably agree that greater complexity often creates greater risk. The kinds of risk we see at Connally, Jordan & Associates usually have to do with our clients’ personal financial lives, changes to the tax code, threats to personal or business income, or loss of account values, just to name a few. It makes sense that many of our clients also ask us how they can deal with the various financial risks they face. While not all risks can be eliminated, there are four primary ways to help deal with financial risk: accept it, avoid it, reduce it or transfer it. The first three methods have more to do with changes in individual or business behavior. But the last method, “Transfer It,” is what is most often the answer to bigger Risk Management questions.

The Best Ways to Transfer Your Risk Management – Connally, Jordan & Associates

So how does a person or a business go about Transferring Risk as a form of Risk Management? It’s actually a pretty complex process, despite the simplicity of some of the proposed solutions. Your financial professionals will need to help you identify your key metrics of potential loss exposure, and see where your biggest gaps for safety risk exist. Especially when it comes to business insurance, you want coverage that’s designed to give you the greatest chance for loss control, whether that be protecting assets, administering claims, or mitigating your liabilities throughout any legal processes that may occur.

Over the years, we have noticed an increased interest in different kinds of insurance products for individuals, business owners and professionals. The most common questions we receive are about life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. These are three of the main ways most people can protect their income and their assets, thereby transferring their financial risk to a third party in this case to well capitalized, highly rated insurance companies.

Connally, Jordan & Associates can help you obtain health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance through one of our preferred providers. The next time you speak to one of our associates, be sure to ask about how we can assist in helping protect against financial risks of all kinds. We are your best bet for Risk Management!

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