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For well over 50 years, your top local resource for ever-changing Georgia Tax Laws, Federal Tax Laws, and Local Tax Ordinances, has been Connally, Jordan & Associates. We have the resources you need.

For over 5 decades, Douglasville residents and business owners have trusted Connally, Jordan & Associates with their most critical Personal & Business Tax and Accounting Services. If you know anything about local businesses, you know that they don’t stay up and running very long if they don’t have something substantial to offer local residents and business owners. You truly have to provide outstanding, knowledgeable services inside your industry, as well as outstanding customer services. Folks all over the Douglasville, West Georgia, and Metro Atlanta area say that nobody gives them or their business the kind of reliable, outstanding tax & accounting services that Connally, Jordan & Associates gives, year in and year out. See what some of your friends are saying about Connally, Jordan & Associates!

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~Kristin Morgan, Satisfied Georgia Client

For the latest news on Georgia Tax Laws, Federal Tax Laws, or Local Tax Ordinances, Connally, Jordan & Associates has everything you need, and so much more! Call or contact us today to start your consultation for any of our tax services, accountant services, or financial consultation services. If you’d like to check out some of our blog posts, we have current and archived posts available to you as a valuable learning tool and financial planning resource. Check it out!

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