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With more than 50 years of experience with tax preparation services and accounting services in Douglasville and Metro Atlanta, Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C., CPA can give you what no other Douglasville Tax Services can. Our professionals are seasoned veterans of the Business Tax industry, yet they find a way to stay on top of every new change and nuance in Business Tax Law passed down from the Federal Government every year. As a business owner, or as someone who runs a great local business, you probably know that there are great differences between personal tax preparation and business tax preparation. While nothing is simple about our country’s individual tax laws, the potential complexities of Business Tax Laws can be daunting, especially if you’re trying to handle them yourself, or under your own roof. What you need is an experienced, local accountant with years of experience and a lengthy track record of success in business tax preparation. You need the top source for Douglasville Business Tax Services. And that’s what you will receive when you call Connally, Jordan & Associations, P.C., CPA for your local business tax preparation! Our professional tax & accounting service providers take the complexity out of your business tax needs. Contact us today!

At Connally, Jordan, & Associates, We Help our Clients with Every Type of Business Tax Services Need

Small Business

Whether you’ve only recently become self-employed, you have a side business in addition to your normal job, or you’ve owned a thriving small business in Douglasville for years, our Douglasville Business Tax pros are here for all your Small Business Tax Planning & Preparation needs.

Mid-Large Corporations

In Douglasville, West Georgia, and throughout Metro Atlanta, many Small Business ventures have risen to the official ranks of Medium Corporations, or even Large Corporations. Protect your interests and your investment with our Mid-Large Corporation Tax Planning Services.

Non-Profit Taxes

Tax Planning & Tax Preparation for Non-Profit Organizations is unique to any other type of business tax services. If you’re unsure about your Non-Profit Organization’s tax situation, we urge you to speak with professionals like Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA.

Sales Tax Services

Generally speaking, the State of Georgia charges retail stores, restaurants, and similar product sales businesses with sales tax. But what about service-based companies? What about individuals who sell personal property? We can answer all these questions, and more.

For the best Business Tax Services in Douglasville, West Georgia, and Metro Atlanta, call or contact the experienced, savvy professionals from Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C., CPA. We handle all your Business Tax Service needs so you can get back to what you do best, building your thriving local business! We’re here for you and your business!

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