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Are you in need of a Small Business CPA to help with your Payroll Services? Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. has over 50 years of experience!

You Deserve the Best Small Business CPA for Your Payroll Services – Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C.

For well over 50 years, the professionals from Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C., CPA have been offering their top-level Tax & Accounting Services to the men and women of Metro Atlanta. Headquartered in Douglasville, GA, our professionals are accessible for all your Small Business CPA needs, including Small Business Tax Preparation, Business Tax Planning, Business Accounting & Auditing Services, Financial Statement Services, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services, just to name a few. We have also been a leader in Personal Finance Services in the Metro Atlanta area since the very beginning. We can help business owners with both their business financial accounting, as well as their personal finances. No local Small Business CPA can offer you the experience, expertise, and total customer satisfaction like Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. can. Call or contact our professionals to begin your payroll services or other small business services today! Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. is the local Certified Public Accountant who really cares!

Why Should You Utilize Payroll Services from a Small Business CPA like Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C.?

As your local business continues to grow, you will surely encounter many changes over the course of your tenure. When a primary business owner becomes accustomed to carrying a large bulk of the load during initial phases of growth, it is difficult for many to transition away from shouldering multiple responsibilities. Many business owners will surely find it difficult to delegate certain tasks, even though it would help themselves and the company to do so. In-house payroll is one of those tasks that business owners find difficult to let go of. Perhaps it’s a sense of power they get from assigning the dollar value to an employee’s work performance. Perhaps it’s the feeling of recognition they get from knowing their people see the business owner’s signature every time they receive a check. Perhaps it’s the gratitude expressed by each employee when the check is given out. Or perhaps some business owners just don’t trust someone else to handle their in-house payroll services.

Protect Yourself and Your Company! Hire an Experienced, Professional Small Business CPA for Payroll Services!

Smart business owners are quick to recognize the virtues of hiring a Small Business CPA to handle their business’s financial services, including company payroll services. It’s also important for business owners to give themselves a layer of protection when it comes to their financial service rendering. The last thing a business owner would want is for a discrepancy to be interpreted as malevolent actions. As hard as business owners work to start a company from scratch, get it off the ground, and grow it into a self-sustaining local company, see all those dreams vanish due to accusations of fraud or other malfeasance would be a true travesty. Protect yourself, your investment, your resources, your time, and your company! Call or contact Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C. for the best Small Business CPA services you could ever experience from a local, professional business accounting & tax company. We’re here for you!

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