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Personal Financial Planning in Douglasville can be challenging. But if you need professional help for Douglasville Financial Planning, Connally, Jordan & Associates is here for all your financial needs!

Prepare for Your Future with Personal Financial Planning from Connally, Jordan & Associates

In a world where the unexpected happens in an instant, it is vital to have your finances in order. Professional financial planning can help ensure you are prepared for the unknown and can give you the tools you need to move forward. Here at Connally, Jordan & Associates, our clients can receive personal, family, and business financial planning services. We closely monitor varying conditions in financial markets and inform you whenever new solutions are available. When you choose Connally, Jordan & Associates as your Douglasville Financial Planning Company, we help organize your finances, discover your goals, and systematically help you navigate towards your best long-term financial situation possible. Your introductory sessions will likely include data gathering items, like noting your current assets and liabilities, as well as your current net worth. We’ll show you how to organize your financial records in a way that makes tracking your cash flow a breeze. We’ll also take time to listen to your dream financial situation, and help you condense those dreams into viable, attainable short-term and long-term goals. Once your financial planning is set in motion, you can go about living with confidence, knowing that Connally, Jordan & Associates is here for YOUR personal financial planning.

To ensure we are providing you with the most accurate information for your financial planning, we regularly review the following:

  • Income and estate tax laws
  • Gifts and charitable planning laws
  • Investment portfolios
  • Life, disability and long-term care insurance coverage
  • Personal financial goals you’ve set for yourself

Douglasville Financial Planning You Can Count On – Connally, Jordan & Associates

We can help you successfully plan your financial future. Whether you are concerned about new changes to your personal circumstances, or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest products in the industry, we can assist you. If you are in need of someone to help plan and improve your personal finances, Connally, Jordan & Associates has over 50 years of Financial Planning experience for our friends and neighbors here in Douglasville and West Georgia. If you could benefit from meeting with a financial planner and having them help get your finances in order, Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA can provide the services you need. Our team is standing by and is prepared to service all of your financial needs. Call (678) 269-7829 for more information.

Here Are A Few Helpful Personal Financial Planning Tax Prep Tips:

  • Become familiar with tax advantages that apply to you
  • Keep organized and complete tax records
  • Analyze tax-saving investments
  • Coordinate income-tax planning with retirement planning

For more helpful personal financial planning advice, tax planning tips and more information on reaching your personal or business financial goals, contact our team at Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA by calling (678) 269-7829 today!

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