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When your business needs the Bookkeeping Services of an experienced, seasoned, Certified Professional Accountant, Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA is here for you!

No Other Certified Professional Accountant Can Provide the Expertise of Connally, Jordan, & Associates, P.C.

As your great business continues to grow, you will surely discover a greater need for high-level Bookkeeping services. Many business owners try to handle their financial record keeping on their own, or try to delegate it in-house to another employee. Even if you have someone on your staff with excellent accounting skills or experience as a former certified professional accountant, it can be dangerous to have no other resources to allocate your business bookkeeping needs to. Studies have shown that the fewer people your company has involved in its accounting process, the higher the risk of fraud. Even if your company is able to reconcile accounting discrepancies, or differences between bank account information and bills payable, having a single or limited hinge point for your company finances is a real recipe for disaster. What you need is a Certified Professional Accountant like Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA. Our professionals have all the bookkeeping experience that your company needs, in whatever capacity you need it! We can handle all your company finances, or train your in-house professionals to better serve your company’s financial bookkeeping needs.

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At Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., we have well over 50 years of experience in Business Bookkeeping. In Metro Atlanta, no other CPA firm can offer you that level of experience and expertise for all your company’s bookkeeping, tax, & accounting needs. Choosing an outside firm for your business’s financial accounting is not only wise from a legal standpoint, it’s wise from a financial standpoint. The average bookkeeper may have a base salary of 40k or more, and a full-time accountant may be 60k or more if you want them dedicated your in-house bookkeeping needs. Add another 20% for typical overhead costs, like taxes & benefits, and your costs could escalate even more. Hiring a professional Certified Professional Accountant firm, even one with the experience and reputation of Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., should never cost you anywhere near that much. Not only should it be more affordable, but you have someone on your side who has far more experience with many more levels of consistent training dedicated to the accounting process. You also have a firm on your side with a lot more backup firepower if necessary to meet your Business Bookkeeping needs.

When You Need the Help of a Certified Professional Accountant for your Business Bookkeeping Services, Trust Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA

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