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If you’ve been looking for Accountants near your Metro Atlanta location who are real, tangible, experienced professionals, call Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C.

Have You Ever Asked, “Are There Any Professional Accountants Near Me?” If So, We Can Help!

With more than 50 years of experience providing top level Accounting & Audit Protection services for the business professionals of Metro Atlanta, Douglasville, and West Georgia, Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C. can meet and exceed all your needs for a certified public accountant. Whether you need our experienced Accounting services for your small business, medium to large business, non-profit organization, or any other type of local business venture, or you want the extra layer of security in knowing your finances have been thoroughly examined by professional auditors, we can help!

Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C. Experienced, Professional, Certified Public Accountants

Our vast experience with navigating Georgia’s financial laws, the Federal Government’s tax laws, as well as local municipal tax authorities, makes our professionals a prime candidate to keep your financial record keeping in order. Not only are our professionals experienced, but they are educated, driven, savvy individuals who use their skills and talents for your company’s financial needs. Whether you own a local business, you manage a local company, or you have personal or individual needs for a highly-rated Certified Public Accounting firm, Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C. will go to work for you in whatever capacity you need. Call or contact us today, and get the best local Accountants possible.

When You Want the Best Local Accountants Near You, Call Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C. for Any of These Accounting & Auditing Services, and More!

Certified Audit Services

The Auditing Process, especially when enacted by the IRS, can be a very stressful situation, even if you have nothing to be worried about! At Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., our primary goal is help take the stress out of the auditing process, so you can get back to business without feeling like you’re looking over your shoulder. We handle Yellow Book Audits, DCAA Compliance Auditing, Certified Single Audits, and more.

Financial Statements Services

No other Metro Atlanta area Certified Public Accountant can provide you with the same level experience and expertise that Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C. can provide. We can handle all your most important Financial Statement needs, so you can get back to growing your business! Call our professionals for Preparation of Financial Statements, Compilation of Financial Statements, Review of Financial Statements, or to have your Financial Statements Audited.

401k Auditing

It’s no mystery that 401k Plans have encountered multiple rounds of changes in the past few years due to a variety of circumstances. We can help you navigate the constantly changing laws & regulations from the government, and give you the most accurate, current data with which to make your present and future decisions about your 401k plans and accounts. Call today!

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  • 50 Years of Experience
  • Certified Public Accountant
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