• Welcome to the 2016 Tax Season!


    The IRS declared the official start to the 2016 Tax Season on January 19, 2016. At T. Dennis Connally Consultant P.C., CPA we have sharpened our pencils, pumped up on caffeine and are ready to hit the ground running.

    If you are already our client you will have received your annual tax organizer. We look forward to seeing you again this year. Remember to fill out the organizer COMPLETELY and provide ALL supporting documents in order for us to prepare your returns in a timely manner.

    We are proud to welcome Kathy Barnes CPA to our firm. Kathy has been working as a CPA locally in Douglasville for over 20 years. We are happy to have her join our team.

    We are also proud to announce that Andrew Jordan, Senior Accountant, has received his Masters Degree in Accounting and his license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant. Congratulations Andrew!

    With Andrew’s status as a CPA, that gives our firm three Certified Public Accountants and an Enrolled Agent to handle any situation you may have.

    If you are not a client, do not hesitate to call, we still a few appointments available.

    We have a top notch team ready to assist you with all your accounting and tax needs.