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Retirement Planning

Plan for Retirement Today

Whether you are retiring next month, next year, or in the next few years, today is the perfect day to start planning for it. Don't be unprepared for when you finally reach the "golden age," let our team at Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA assist you as you enter the next phase of your life. At our full-service financial consulting firm, we can help you set-up an IRA that will deduct a portion of your taxable income and deposit it into your retirement account. And for our business owner clients, there are many opportunities to put away a lot of money, all potentially tax deductible. Setting up an IRA and planning for the future is simple with our help!

The five steps should be taken for retirement planning:

  • Decide how you would like to live when you are retired
  • Approximate the income you will need when you are retired
  • Estimate how much you need to accumulate to fund your retirement
  • Track your progress in meeting your retirement needs
  • Try to close the gap between the resources you have now and the ones you will need during retirement

If you are interested in beginning to plan for retirement, contact Connally, Jordan & Associates, P.C., CPA at (770) 920-2890.